THQ Is Coming Back From The Dead

Every round of consoles has to have a publisher tank and be chopped up for parts like a Camry left in a bad neighborhood, and the seventh generation had THQ. But, despite the pain of its death, THQ lives again! Sort of!

This is not the smoking crater trying to sue everybody that actually still exists as something other than a pile of lawsuits. The brand of THQ, as in the actual name and logo of the company, was among the many things bought on sale by Nordic Games, a small publisher that has a refreshingly blunt general manager named after a car. Here’s Klemens Kreuzer summing up why Nordic Games is using THQ’s name, and publishing its franchises, and sleeping with its boyfriends to Polygon:

“The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines ‘Who the f*** is Nordic Games?’ We said, okay they were right.”

So, essentially, Nordic Games bought a whole bunch of THQ’s IP, and has now bought its logo, and will actually be publishing games under the THQ name, like the next MX Vs. ATV, which is apparently a franchise still? It seems that going forward, Nordic is essentially going to turn into THQ.

We guess this proves that companies never die, even if you kill them with a shovel. Now let’s see if we can bring LJN back, because somebody’s got to turn out crappy licensed games.