Amur The Tiger Was Supposed To Eat Timur The Goat, But They Became Friends Instead

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Have you ever imagined what a different movie Jurassic Park might have been if the goat that was fed to the Tyrannosaurus rex became its pet instead of its snack? You haven’t? Well, change the dinosaur to a tiger, and re-imagine that whole scenario. In Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park, Timur, a goat, was sent into the tiger pen to become lunch for Amur the Tiger. But either Timur had different plan or Amur is a vegetarian because instead of this ending in a bloody dinner for one, it became playtime for two. Timur and Amur became buddies instead, at least after the goat started bullying the tiger who was supposed to eat him, and bullied him into taking his sleeping spot.

The tiger, by this point seemingly puzzled at the role-reversal, opted against confrontation. Timur has been bedding down in his spot for four nights now; Amur has been banished to sleeping on the shelter’s roof.

It should be noted that Timur, described as “fearless” by park workers, was not actually named when he was sent in to be eaten. Because naming someone’s dinner seems like an odd investment of time. But now what happens when they try sending in another goat? Will the goats outnumber this spineless excuse for a tiger?

Source: NBC News via Daily Dot