No One Is More Pissed Off At Having Been Woken From A Nap Than This Tiger

If you’ve ever needed proof that big cats in the wild are basically just larger versions of house cats, let me direct you to the above video taken at the Dublin Zoo. In it, a large tiger comes sauntering down a path towards the front of the glass like business as usual, where it encounters another tiger peacefully having itself a nap. Does it A) continue to go on about its usual tigery business, or B) slap the crap out of that bitch just because it can?

Of course we all know the answer here, because there’s no way this video was going to end without an overgrown kitty slappy fight. Like I said, my cats do this stuff to each other all the time, right down to the way the tiger that started all the trouble nonchalantly goes and takes a drink of water like that was its entire plan in the first place. The video probably cut off just before it went to go find a giant glass to knock off of a giant table.

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