Twitter Suspended Tila Tequila For Posting Hate Speech In The Wake Of Her Nazi Salute Photo

Proud anti-Semite Tila Tequila spent Monday in absolute bliss after a photo of her performing a Nazi salute went viral. She’d already spent living the weekend at a white-supremacist/alt-right conference — the very reason for this group photo — and Tila was soon receiving more attention than she’d seen in years. So, she quickly began tweeting stuff like, “Sieg heil!” Her Twitter profile description contained the terms “alt-reich” and “literally Hitler,” which only fueled the reaction, but soon enough, this became the type of attention with negative consequences in the form of a reported account.

Inevitably, her “good times” did not last for long. Enough people must have reported her account to have prompted a suspension. Sure enough, clicking over a few minutes ago, we realized that the account has been suspended. Buzzfeed confirmed the hunch by contacting Twitter, although the social media site didn’t state a formal reason for the account’s deactivation. One entity that won’t be crushed is the unaware Italian restaurant who was mortified at the negative attention the photo created for them.

This shouldn’t be too surprising, although Tila acted brazenly enough that she likely didn’t see it coming. Twitter recently began cracking down on the so-called “alt-right” accounts that were spewing racially-charged rhetoric. One such account that fell into the void was Richard Spencer, who led the conference attended by Tila in Washington D.C. this past weekend. When he was banned, he unironically described the act as one of “corporate Stalinism.”

Tila will surely find a way to vent as well, either through the press or another social media account. She won’t stay silent for long.