‘Time’ Magazine Is Once Again Trolling Trump With Its New ‘Stormy’ Cover

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The scandal and constant reports of chaos from within the Donald Trump presidency reached a nadir this week with the FBI raid of Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Incredibly, the raid is thought to be completely separate from the whole Russia collusion investigation, but regarding payments possibly made with campaign finances to silence stories about everything from alleged affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, the Access Hollywood tapes, and a former Trump Tower doorman who we now know was paid off in 2015 over rumors of an illegitimate child.

It’s like, bad bad, and you have to wonder how much longer Trump can keep going like this, even as he continues to escalate tensions with Russia and Syria.

As such, the cover for this Friday’s new issue of Time magazine plays off of the turmoil in the Oval Office with a very tongue-in-cheek one word caption.

If it looks familiar, the cover is actually a throwback to the February 27, 2017 cover titled “Nothing to See Here,” both illustrated by Brooklyn-based artist Tim O’Brien for Time, whose work has appeared on over two dozen covers.

“When I painted the ‘Nothing to See Here’ cover art, like many, I assumed the level of chaos could not last, that patriots on both sides of the aisle would step forward to control much of what transpired in the past year,” says O’Brien.

“As the never-ending flood of breaking news washed over the White House, and the firings, the scandals and the general mayhem filled each news cycle, I felt the storm metaphor was as relevant as ever,” says O’Brien, who used air brush, pencil, gouache and oil paint to create the piece.” “I mostly thought about how water would fill the space, how it would be transparent in some areas and reflective in others.”

Also, get it? “Stormy” is the name of the porn star he (allegedly) boinked.