A Woman Looking For Love On Tinder Got The Worst Opening Line In The World

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03.09.16 10 Comments


Imagine that you’re on Tinder and looking for love (which is most of us, so it’s not much of a stretch). Now imagine you’re putting it all out there, hoping to go on a date to really make a love connection. Suddenly, you get a notification! Could this person, the one that just swiped right because they liked your looks and personality, be the one? Unfortunately for one woman from Ireland, her experience proved that Tinder can be a cruel and unforgiving beast. (Or rather, the people using Tinder can be cruel and unforgiving beasts.) (Which is the same thing, really, right?)

Mashable reports that Rebecca Keane, a 21-year-old who was making her way through life and using the app to connect to others, was just trying to get a date when she received the worst opening line in history, one that might have crushed her self esteem for minutes, if not hours. Here’s Keane’s tweet with the offending message:

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