Chinese Toddler Defends His Grandmother With A Lead Pipe

Whatever you do, do not cross this toddler! A video of a little boy has gone viral for his heroic, or perhaps downright crazy act. In the video, which takes places in China, a chubby toddler brandishes a lead pipe that is twice his height and starts to intimidate and threaten a group of Chengguan; who are law enforcement officials who crack down on illegal street vending in China.

Despite the laughter heard from the adults in the video, one look at this kid and you know he means business. He swings the massive pipe and apparently yells, “Don’t touch my grandma!”, but we all know it would have been better if he said, “Respect my authority!” The two-foot-tough-guy apparently gets frustrated and then just tosses his weapon down in a huff.

Chinese social media has been praising the wee warrior. The Shanghaiist called the boy, “The hero we’ve been waiting for.” If you have any doubts about standing up to authority to fight for something or someone you believe in, you probably shouldn’t wave a metal pipe around, but this kid’s heart was certainly in the right place. There’s been no word yet if there were legal actions taken against the child and his grandmother, but the Chinese government has much more important things to worry about.

(via Mashable)