If You See Tom Hanks In A Restaurant, Steal His Glasses And Pretend To Be Drunk

A buddy of mine, Sam, once saw Bill Murray in a restaurant in New York. The Larger than Life star is one of Sam’s idols, so he approached the voice of Garfield and said something along the lines of, “You’re my hero, thank you for being you,” etc. Murray, used to the fame after having been in Charlie’s Angels, was cordial and told him thank you. Sam left the restaurant, but ran into someone he knew, Steven, shortly thereafter who also wanted to meet Murray. So Sam went back to the restaurant, approached the Space Jam ringer, and said, “Hi, I’m so sorry, but my friend…” Murray, likely discussing his role in Quick Change with an accomplice, gave Sam the dirtiest look ever and he and Steven ran out of the building, proverbial tails between their legs.

Cool story, bro, I know, but the point is: should you ever meet Bill Murray, the man does have his limits, despite being one of the coolest people ever. Tom Hanks, it appears, has no such limits. If you steal his glasses and pretend to be drunk, the Univision Dancing Sensation will willingly oblige, as one lucky Redditor discovered.

Tom Hanks is awesome. In a related note: how have Bill Murray and Hanks never been in a movie together?

(Via Reddit)