Tomi Lahren Is Getting Memed Over An Unfortunate Ad For The New ‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service

Fox News announced the network’s shiny new Fox Nation streaming service on Thursday, where viewers can get even more face time with their favorite on-air personalities for the low price of $5.99 per month. In a video advertising the service, which will formally launch on November 27, Fox picked everyone’s favorite angry white blonde, Tomi Lahren (who has bangs now!), to deliver the good news to viewers.

“Hey Fox viewers, Fox Fans, I’m Tomi Lahren and some of you probably already know me, and if you do you know I don’t support anything I don’t truly believe in,” Lahren says in the clip. “That’s why I’m here telling you how excited I am about Fox Nation, a premium members-only streaming service that’s going to change everything.”

“This is our time, and this is going to be our place,” she adds, which ended up being the screengrab used by The Hollywood Reporter, which tweeted to a link to the story shortly after the news was announced.

It was, uh, not the most flattering screengrab, as you can see.

On Friday morning, writer Parker Malloy pointed out the meme-readiness of the image and from there Twitter pretty much ran with it.

Classic Toyota Lasagna.