Tomi Lahren Sarcastically Slams Jimmy Kimmel As ‘The Political Genius Of Our Time’

Jimmy Kimmel was the topic of conversation on Wednesday morning’s Fox and Friends, ahead of his second consecutive Oscars hosting gig this weekend. Because somehow, they haven’t learned not to pick a fight with him yet, this time they brought Tomi Lahren in for good measure. On Good Morning America earlier this week, Kimmel talked politics, saying that he doesn’t believe you can go too far when pushing the envelope.

“I’m still doing a comedy show and I need to be funny and entertain my audience, but I also think we’ve matured enough to the point where we can accept late night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject,” he said. “It’s almost necessary now.”

After playing the clip, Fox and Friends turned it over to Toyota, who has apparently forgotten all about that olive branch she reached out to her fellow Americans a few days ago.

“Well of course you’ve got Jimmy Kimmel, he’s the political genius of our time,” snarked the literally 25-year-old blonde pundit. “Late night talk show hosts have always poked fun at government, at the president, other sitting members, and that was okay,” Tomatillo continued.

“But now it’s changed, because now it’s just an attack on Trump and an attack on conservatives, and he thinks he’s funny, but what he doesn’t realize is just because his friends are liberal, just because everybody he speaks to is liberal, doesn’t mean his audience is liberal. These people still don’t understand that this country elected President Donald J. Trump because there are a lot of Trump supporters, there are a lot of conservatives, they still don’t understand it but as their audience dwindles, I think maybe they’ll get a better picture.”

Cool story, Tonsillitis. If anything, Kimmel has only seen his ratings go up for getting more political, spiking last September and October when he went after the GOP healthcare bill and advocated for gun control measures following the Las Vegas massacre. Likewise, his interview with Stormy Daniels after Trump’s State of the Union address scored him the number one spot among adults in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Whether or not Kimmel dignifies Trombone’s tirade remains to be seen, but either way she better be prepared for a scorching.