Tomi Lahren’s Resurfaced Tweet Imploring People To Get Vaccinated Has Come Back To Haunt Her

For someone who claims that they’re “not anti-vaccine, I am anti MANDATORY experimental COVID vaccine,” Tomi Lahren sure tweets a lot of negative things about vaccines.

“When Biden’s vaccine patrol comes a knockin’ they can kiss my country ass! Take your experimental vaccine and shove it in your own arms!” she wrote in July, while last month, the Fox News personality tweeted, “Vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella and diphtheria are NOT THE SAME AS THE COVID Vax! Stop using them as examples. They are time tested and studied. The COVID vax is not! That’s just a fact!!” Lahren’s argument here seems to be that we should wait another year, if not years, to study the vaccine, even though it’s proven to be an effective and safe measure to fight the virus. And if another 300,000 people die? That’s the price we pay for freedom. “Just a fact!!”

Also a fact: Lahren implored parents to get their kids vaccinated in 2019.

“Now we have a measles outbreak in LA county. As if we don’t have enough problems. If not vaccinating your kid only impacted your kid, fine. But that’s not the case! Vaccinate your kids or stay home!” she wrote. The tweet has recently resurfaced, with many on Twitter mocking Lahren for arbitrarily choosing which vaccines are good and which were created in a Democrat-funded lab by Mark Zuckerberg and George Clooney in nerdy scientist glasses.