Folksy Dim Bulb Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville Seems To Have No Clue That IVF Actually Helps People Have Kids And Isn’t A Form Of Abortion Or Something : ‘We Need To Have More Kids’

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville seems to have no clue what damage his home state has wrought following a new controversial court ruling that declares embryos are children. As a staunchly pro-life Republican, Tuberville apparently thought the ruling would stop abortion, and he clearly had no idea that it actually made in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments untenable throughout the state.

“Yeah, I was all for it,” Tuberville proudly told a reporter outside a conservative event on Thursday via The Guardian. “We need to have more kids, we need to have an opportunity to do that, and I thought this was the right thing to do.”

“I think the big thing is right now, you protect – you go back to the situation and try to work it out to where it’s best for everybody,” Tuberville added. “I mean, that’s what – that’s what the whole abortion issue is about.”

However, Tuberville’s demeanor quickly changed when the reported noted that the ruling would have the opposite effect as IVF providers across the state announced they will no longer provide the process. Less IVF equals less kids, Tommy.

Via The Guardian:

“That’s a hard one,” Tuberville said when asked about IVF availability in Alabama. “It really is.”

Tuberville said: “I’d have to look at what they’re agreeing to and not agreeing to. I haven’t seen that.”

Realizing that Tuberville obliviously walked into a mess, the senator’s office issued a statement clarifying that he does not support halting IVF procedures, which again, will make more babies, not less.

“In addition to being pro-life and believing life begins at conception, Senator Tuberville is also pro-family,” spokesperson Hannah Eddins said. “He believes strong families are instrumental to our country’s success.

(Via The Guardian)