Tommy Wiseau Of ‘The Room’ Did A Reddit AMA And It Was Amazing

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As anyone who’s seen The Room will tell you, Tommy Wiseau is an auteur, a hero and a true artist. Today, to promote his new Hulu opus The Neighbors, he took part in a Reddit AMA so that others might at long last be inspired by his sheer excellence and commitment to the art of cinema. Here are some of the best answers, including the fact that we’re getting a sequel to The Room and something in 3D!

Q. Oh hi Tommy. In The Room, it’s pretty clear that the character of Lisa was meant to symbolize temptation and the evil that jealousy between friends and lovers can create. Could you elaborate more on what Lisa’s actions in the film say about our society and the moral degradation of America as a whole?

A. GREAT Question!

First of all, you can compare Lisa to Eleezabeth Taylor, to when she did CLEOPATRA. The ladies, they don’t have to wear jeans, they can wear dresses to be very powerful.

So Lisa’s character is very powerful. She represents American society.

So that’s my answer. Move on, next one!

Q. Ohai Tommy, other than yourself, who do you think had the best performance in The Room? Also, why do you think that Denny was buying drugs from Chris-R to the point that he owed him a significant amount of money?

A. I think everybody did a good job. All the actors were extremely dedicate. We had researhsal, I encourage peopel to actually think about twice before re-writing, bashing actors, because all the actors did a very good job. In the media, they said they didn’t know what they were doing, but we had regular rehearsal, six months before, so everything was done very professionally, and actor did very good job. So I think everybody did good, equally well.

The reason for it was because he want to sell it, he want to make money you know?

Look at today’s society. Everything you see in the Room is related to real life.

Q. Any news on the James Franco film of the making of The Room? Have you met with him? What do you think of that project?

A. Aw, I support him 100% perfect. He is very cool guy. But at this time, we have agreement, I cannot talk about it. He is very dedicate actor. We have a lot in common James Dean for example. Next question!

Q. Mr. Wiseau, I am getting married in the near future and already have plans to throw a football around in an alley with my groomsmen. Any pointers on how to keep the game moving and to elicit the best awkward laughs from my groomsman for the videographer to pick up? Also, how can I best avoid injury?
Thanks for all you do.

A. Absolutely.

I encourage you to do that number 1. And don’t call me Mr. Wiseau, I hate that, but I wish you luck in new direction in my life, and play football before you to go bed, and play football before you drink, before you get tipsy.

Q. How are you and Greg [Sestero, who played Mark in The Room and wrote The Disaster Artist about his experience knowing Tommy and making the film] these days? Are you guys still good friends?

A. Well, we talk, but actually, probably, we just released a script, original script, available, THE ROOM, original one, because there was a lot of controversy, agin, I’m sorry for some of you guys in America we call “douchebags” – I’ve been filming the past 20 years, shame on you who are bashing THE ROOM as well as the actors in THE NEIGHBORS. It is new entertainment, and people reallyreally enjoy it. That’s all I’m gonna say, moveonnextquestion.

Q. What’s your favorite James Cameron film?

A. I’m – listening – THE ROOM, next question!

Q. How did you make your millions Tommy?

A. Okay! That’s good question!

Well first of all – if you look at background, you work hard, you make money. It’s no secret, okay? You work VERY hard, you make money.

Well I work very hard, 24/7, several days a week, okay?

And the specific how I make monies will be in book. THE DISASTER ARTIST by Tommy Wiseau, when I write it soon. Yes.

Q. What do you make of the mystery around your origins? Are you surprised?

A. Well, you know, we’re all curious. We all live in America, and we are all curious bout people, who they are, where they come from. I’m very private person, I keep that way, that’s my choice. I am America, I keep that way.

Thank you for asking that.

Q. Hi Mr. Wiseau, thank you for being here today! My question is, are you planning to make any form of prequel/add-on to The Room?

A. Yes. We are doing sequel. And also 3-d, eventually.

Q. What’s your favorite line from any of your works? Mine has to be the “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”

A. Well, we on the same page.

I love this quote.

And also, “WHAT A DAY!” I like that one. It’s from Charlie, in THE NEIGHBORS.

And also, I see across America, people quoting me. “OH, WHAT A DAY!”

Q. Are you going to write an autobiography? (The neighbors is awesome)

A. Yes, I am, because as you probably kneow, DISASTER ARTIST is not 100% correct, and some people – again – are very disrespectful of my lief. How dare you to bash me, to say negative things about me and my life when you don’t even know me? Shame on you.

So yes, absolutely, you know. We in America, you know, we have very dedicate people, from New Orleans, and some of the function that people have are completely disrespectful. Shame on you if you blast my project. We are very dedicated to our art – shame on you, I would say, again! You know who you are!

And also you can add, about script, how dare you say that was not the script on the production of THE ROOM. How are you have powers to criticize someone you don’t even know? When you say it’s not a camera, or we have only this one camera, or this one or that one? Shame on you.

Move on, next question.

I strongly encourage you to read the whole thing at Reddit. This whole thing was truly everything one could want in a Tommy Wiseau AMA and so much more. OH, WHAT A DAY!

Source: Reddit

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