The Topless Albanian News Anchor Has Been One-Upped At Her Own Game

In September, the internet lost its capacity to form coherent thought at the sight of Enki Bracaj on Albanian news broadcasts. She was famous for her famous assets and her willingness to bare them. At only age 21, Enki was swiftly offered an anchor position as soon as she walked into the news station (without wearing a shirt). She quickly rose to the top of the viral news anchor pyramid, but the glory only lasted a few short months.

Enki was dropped from her anchor position when she took her reputation too far by posing for Playboy. The news station couldn’t bear the thought of their prize reporter sullying herself in such a way, although they had no problems latching onto her ratings factor. Alas, Enki has now been replaced with an even more topless news anchor, Greta Hoxha. While Greta isn’t as well-endowed as her predecessor, her top is even smaller, so she’s certainly showing more skin. Greta doesn’t even pretend to favor business wear to feign news anchor propriety.

Perhaps these ladies’ contracts don’t allow for magazine spreads, but it’s hard to feel bad for Enki. She’ll bounce back elsewhere with the firm knowledge that she paved the way for topless news coverage in Albania.

Here’s a swan song for Enki. Hooray for double-sided tape.