New ‘Total Recall’ Clip Brings Back Another Familiar Character

Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake opens next Friday. In other news, it’s going to be August next week. How did that happen? Does sniffing model airplane glue make a person forget six months? WHY DIDN’T THAT HOBBY SHOP WARN ME? Er, anyway, we have a new clip and featurette for the film. The first video autoplays because Total Film hates us all.

Just as the new Total Recall paid an homage to the Paul Verhoeven version with a three-boobed hooker, they’re also referencing another iconic scene in the clip below.

The latest clip is set at a security checkpoint, with our main hero (played by Colin Farrell now, instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger) trying to get through. The concept has seen some tweaks, what with new FX tech and all, but the idea remains true to the original film. [Blastr]

They did a good misdirection job by finding a woman whose costume, hairstyle, and dialogue mirrored the Schwarzenegger version just enough to throw us off. On the other hand, I didn’t see those TSA employees of the future groping anyone’s junk. So unrealistic.

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