Trevor Noah Is In Awe Of Republicans’ Increasingly Batsh*t COVID/Omicron Conspiracy Theories

After nearly two years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 5.2 million people worldwide—and counting—one would think that those who were initially skeptical of the dangers of the virus would have come around by now. But, as Trevor Noah pointed out, one would be wrong.

On Tuesday, The Daily Show host spent some time marveling at how the various lies and conspiracy theories surrounding COVID have only gotten zanier. Dubbing the situation “The Pandumbic,” Noah shared some clips about former White House physician-turned-congressman Ronny Jackson dubbing the new omicron variant the “Midterm Election Variant,” and a couple of Fox News nincompoops running with that narrative. He was, understandably, perplexed.

“OK, just so I’ve got this straight: The Democrats’ big plan is to intentionally never solve the problem that is ruining everyone’s life? That is such a dumbass strategy to win an election. Which makes me think the Democrats actually did come up with it…

I mean, you realize for this to be true the Democrats would have had to coordinate on this lie with the World Health Organization and South African scientists and governments across Europe. Are you serious, people? You know the Democrats can’t coordinate shit. The only thing they can coordinate are their kente cloths.”

Trevor Noah The Daily Show 11-30-2021
Comedy Central

Even more amazing to Noah is that the main Republican pushing this theory is the former White House physician, who worked under both Donald Trump and Barack Obama. “Seriously, it’s amazing that Trump and Obama actually survived,” said Noah.

“But whatever, man. I guess the Democrats—in coordination with scientists in South Africa, Europe, Israel, all over—are simply pretending there’s a new corona variant out there,” he concluded. “That’s what they’re doing. And they’re not only doing it to justify mail-in voting—no, no, no. It’s also because they’re really horny for lockdowns.”

You can watch the full segment above.