Watch As ‘True Detective’ Is Turned Into A Gritty ’70s Cop Show

The dark and menacing intro to True Detective season two certainly sets the tone for the popular drama. What if someone took the aerial shots of highways, haunting silhouettes, and Leonard Cohen’s song “Nevermind,” and replaced them with something… a little more funky? The answer is this awesome mashup, which transforms the show’s intro into that of a ’70s-style cop drama.

Created by the folks at Vulture, the clip hits all the right notes when it comes to creating the feel of a classic ’70s era cop show. The schlocky music, bold title graphics, and grainy resolution all give True Detective a gritty, retro feel. Bezzerides and Velcoro riding around in the ’75 Ford Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch is icing on the cake.

I can only hope the detectives get their hands on that evil “Boss” Semyon.

(Via YouTube H/T Vulture)

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