Trump Claimed He Won A Non-Existent ‘Bay Of Pigs Award’ And Got Mocked Online

There’s a chance American president and Fox News addict Donald J. Trump may win a Nobel Peace Prize, but if he doesn’t he can always comfort himself with all the fake awards he claims to have won. For years he’s claimed to have won “Michigan Man of the Year,” which is not a real thing. Nor is his latest “win”: On Sunday, he took to Twitter, alleging to have scored the thoroughly non-existent “Bay of Pigs Award.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics. Now he is relying on Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work!” Trump wrote. “Remember, Miami Cubans gave me the highly honored Bay of Pigs Award for all I have done for our great Cuban Population!”

But again, such an award, even one that’s allegedly “highly honored,” does not exist.

What Trump appears to be referring to is not an award but an endorsement, during his 2016 presidential campaign, by veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961.

The Trump campaign Twitter account later tried to explain what he meant, posting a picture of him holding…a painting of the Brigade’s shield, which is also not an award.

As he often is, Trump’s easily debunked claim was mocked online.

Others, though, reminded everyone of Trump’s well-documented racism as he tried to earn Latinx support.

(Via International Business Times)

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