Trump Portentously Suggested ‘Other People’ Are Doing Biden’s Job During His Administration

During his four years as president, Donald J. Trump rarely appeared to sleep. That didn’t mean he was working. Far as one could tell, he spent most of his many waking hours either rage-tweeting or binge-watching Fox News for hours and hours on end. His successor, meanwhile, seems to be getting enough rest to accomplish as much as he has in his two-and-a-half months on the job. But one person thinks — without, admittedly, knowing anything — that mysterious forces are really doing the bulk of his work.

Trump took a break from clumsily hiding Coke bottles during photo opps with unemployed former employees to call into Newsmax, the far right network still beholden to him, for one of his rambling, self-contradicting epic chats. Host Heather Childers teed him up for a variety of Biden disses. In between getting him to diss his foreign policy and the like, Childers asked the former president if his replacement is “capable” of a position requiring long and intense hours, day in, day out, which is definitely how Trump spent his tenure.

“Well it does take that kind of drive, and it takes tremendous strength and enthusiasm and everything you can imagine,” Trump told Childers. “It’s 50 hours a day and you understand what I mean by that.” He then accused Biden of perhaps not spending his time watching lots of TV and yelling at reporters in front of helicopters.

“It’s a lot of work, and I think other people are making most of the decisions, but I may be wrong about that, I don’t know,” Trump charged, in his typical willy-nilly way. “I don’t really know him very well, but to be honest with you, somebody’s making decisions.”

Trump later doubled down on that accusation, saying, point blank, “Other people are making the decisions.”

It was classic Trump, making bold, baseless claims then backing off them, then making them again, creating confusion out of nothing, all while exaggerating about his own unlikely accomplishments. Luckily he can no longer do his over his favorite social media site, forcing hosts at Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN to pass it all along.

(Via Mediaite)