Trump, Who’s Definitely Not Cognitively Impaired, Seemed To Blame Jeb Bush For The Iraq War (And Said Windmills Are Killing Whales)

Donald Trump and his cronies have made a meal out of criticizing Joe Biden’s supposed cognitive decline. But what if it’s mere projection? What if Trump — who is a mere three years younger than his also very old presidential successor — is the one whose brain is mush? The other week Trump claimed Biden would lead us into “World War II.” On Monday he blamed the Iraq War on Jeb Bush.

At a rally in South Carolina, Trump did things like trash Fox News while they were airing his speech. He also said some things that suggested his brain was seeping out of his ears. At one point Trump reflected on the 2016 primary, when he was up against the likes of Jeb Bush.

“You know the beauty was? When I came here, everyone thought Bush was gonna win,” he recalled. “And then they took a poll and found out Trump was up by about 50 points.”

Trump then…seemed to get his Bushes confused. “They thought Bush because Bush was supposedly a military person,” he remembered. He then claimed Jeb Bush, the Bush he ran against, “got us into the, uh, he got us into the Middle East. How did that work out, right?”

Trump then kept ragging on Jeb Bush, whom he ran against seven years ago and who was never president: “Remember Jeb? He used the word ‘Jeb,’ he didn’t use the word ‘Bush.’ I said, ‘You mean he’s ashamed of the last name?’ And he started using the name ‘Bush.’ Never forget it.”


Trump also went on an inexplicable rant about “windmills causing whales to die” or whatever the heck he’s talking about here.

Then again, three years ago Trump “aced” a very basic cognitive test. If you forgot about that one, don’t worry because he’s still bragging about it.