President Trump’s Reported Desire To Buy Greenland Stirs Plenty Of Confused Reactions

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A rather curious Wall Street Journal article about President Donald Trump‘s latest real estate delusions of grandeur has taken social media by storm. According to the report, it seems the reality television star turned chief politician is hankering to acquire a big new piece of land for the United States. “What new pieces of land are there?” you’re probably thinking. Well, nothing that’s actually “new,” per se. Just the sovereign island of Greenland, an autonomous nation that’s actually a part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Per the WSJ‘s report, this is not a joke. This is legitimately a thing that the President of the United States has been talking with his advisors about:

In meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whether the U.S. can acquire Greenland, listened with interest when they discuss its abundant resources and geopolitical importance and, according to two of the people, has asked his White House counsel to look into the idea.

Amazingly, the WSJ notes that, per their sources, “some of his advisers have supported the concept, saying it was a good economic play.” Meanwhile, and thankfully so, “others [have] dismissed it as a fleeting fascination that will never come to fruition.”

Either way, Twitter understandably could not handle the latest instance of Trump’s evidently having what he thought was a legitimate idea about something that is as wasteful as it is inane.

(Via Wall Street Journal)