Trump Denies Calling Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ Despite Audio Footage Of Him Doing So

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In yet another one of his “the party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears” moments, President Donald Trump is denying that he called Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle “nasty.” His original remarks surfaced via an interview with the British newspaper The Sun on Friday, ahead of a planned visit to the United Kingdom to meet with the Royal Family.

When asked about Markle’s previous comments that she would move to Canada if the former Apprentice star won the 2016 election, Trump seemed taken aback.

“I did not know that, no. A lot of people are moving here, so what can I say?” he told the reporter. “No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

To give him the tiniest amount of credit, he then added, “I think it is nice and I’m sure she will do excellently,” when asked what he thought of an American princess.

By Sunday morning, Trump was singing a different tune. Sort of! “I never called Meghan Markle ‘nasty,'” he fired off on Twitter. “Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold!” He then posed a question asking if CNN, the New York Times, and others would apologize.

“Doubt it!” he concluded.

The only problem with his tweet is that … well, there is audio in which he very clearly says this — released by his own War Room Twitter account, no less. Although his vitriol is unusually toned down, he very clearly says it. Whether he meant that she, herself, was nasty — or her remarks directed at him were nasty — is debatable. Otherwise, there is not much room for interpretation.

So, once again, people jumped into the fray on Twitter to call out the president on a flagrant lie.

It’s unclear if this latest controversy will disrupt Trump’s plans to meet with the Royals, but at the very least, it might make for some very awkward conversation over tea.