Trump Is Being Dragged For Forcing Secret Service To Drive Around With Him In A Trip Outside Walter Reed

Donald Trump is allegedly getting better. Late Thursday night it was reported that the president, who has been widely accused of downplaying the pandemic that has affected the United States in far greater numbers than elsewhere, had tested positive for COVID-19. Since then he’s been quarantining, first in the White House and then in a massive suite in D.C.’s Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Word on his condition has been fuzzy, with some reports being grim, others being very optimistic. And on late Sunday, in an apparent attempt to show off his alleged good spirits, he got into an SUV with a pile of Secret Service agents to do a quick drive around the massive crowds that have gathered, loudly, outside of the hospital.

Thing is, even if he’s been feeling better, anyone who’s tested positive for the coronavirus should not be crammed inside a tight space with anyone, even if they’re decked out in PPE, as they appear to be. While Trump’s supporters may appreciate the gesture, others noticing the quick drive from afar, on social media, thought it was cruel.

Some pointed out that the Secret Service’s job — to take a bullet for the president — has its limits.

Others pointed out that endangering officers sworn to uphold lives doesn’t gibe with other public statements about the police put forth by this administration.

Some quoted a former Secret Service officer and leaders.

And a physician at Walter Reed itself weighed in.

That’s a lot of righteous anger, but hand it to Jordan Uhl for finding the one humorous lining of Trump’s latest dangerous photo op stunt.

So did this guy.

In any case, if it’s true that Trump was tested positive Thursday night, he has another week-and-a-half until he’s supposed to be around anyone else, for fear of exposing them to a highly infectious disease. But we’ll see how long that lasts.