Everyone Is Schooling Trump After He Called Himself A ‘Very Stable Genius’ On Twitter

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Whenever President Trump tweets as much (and as randomly) as he did Saturday morning, most of Twitter tends to target the dumber entries for ridicule — like when he claimed credit for there being no commercial aviation failures in 2017. Trump’s claims regarding his “mental stability,” which he insists is just fine since he’s a “very stable genius,” were no different. As soon as the three-tweet string began trending on social media, everyone — from television anchors and political pundits, to lay tweeters and would-be trolls — jumped in to make their jokes count.

From Jake Tapper’s adept use of a GIF of Fredo’s breakdown from The Godfather: Part II to a number of Mister Ed jokes playing on Trump’s use of “stable,” the social media platform was rife with reactions to Trump’s tweetstorm. The president’s “stable genius” quote was even converted into the hashtag #stablegenius, though it’s use was by no means a requirement as “really smart” and other choice phrases from the tweets also went viral. Saturday’s rant offered plenty of material for Twitter comedians to work with.

However, while many of the results were predictably connected to calls for impeachment and the use of the 25th Amendment, some of the better posts were actually quite good.