Trump Wants Joe Rogan To Moderate A No-Holds-Barred Four-Hour Debate Between Him And Joe Biden

Donald Trump has been attempting to court Joe Rogan fans on Twitter ahead of election day. Yes, that’s very odd, even by 2020 standards, but true. Trump retweeted an MMA account that posted a Rogan clip, and then the president uploaded a clip of Rogan comparing Biden to a “flashlight with a dying battery.” So of course, Trump was thrilled to hear about the recent Joe Rogan Experience episode with UFC fighter Tim Kennedy, to whom the host mentioned that he wouldn’t mind moderating a presidential debate.

The proposed debate “would be four hours with no audience,” as Kennedy noted on Twitter. He also inquired, “Who wants this?”

One person in particular answered while shouting it from the rooftop.

Well, there’s like 0.000031% chance of this actually happening. However, Rogan — who endorsed Bernie Sanders earlier this year — has indicated that he will vote for Trump. He based the decision upon his distaste for Biden, but yes, it does appear that he’s siding with the current president.

In the past, Rogan has called out Trump’s habitual lying and summarized Trump’s discourse as “put[ting] things into some very digestible form that morons love.” He added, “I’m not saying that all people who are Trump supporters are morons, but there’s a lot of people who are morons that like him because he’s talking in this frequency.” More recently, Rogan declared that Biden “seems to be mentally compromised,” which Rogan believes makes “a large group of people … very uncomfortable.” Well, there’s been no reaction from Biden’s camp on those statements or Rogan’s offer to host a marathon debate, but at least someone is into it.