You Can Now Buy NFTs Of Items From Former Trump Stooge Michael Cohen’s Life In Prison (Or You Can Maybe Have Yourself Shot Into The Sun)

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is turning his prison stint into profit, teaming up with a company called ArtGrails to auction off some NFTs of his time behind bars.

The non-fungible tokens will be on display this week at Art Basel and are said to include portions of the handwritten manuscript that Cohen penned while locked up, plus video of him writing his memoir and his prison ID badge. Cohen called the NFTs “documents which people will claim are of a historical nature.”

“The goal is to create a political NFT scenario that is obviously historically relevant,” he told Page Six about the project.

Along with parts of Disloyal, the memoir he wrote while serving time in New York’s Otisville federal prison on tax fraud charges, ArtGrails will also be hosting a VIP party and Q&A event where Cohen is scheduled to make a live video appearance to read from his book and take questions from the audience. (He’s currently under supervised release at his Park Avenue apartment in NYC after serving out the rest of his time under house arrest due to COVID-19 concerns.)

We’re not really sure who would want to buy a disgraced Washington fixer’s prison badge or who told Cohen what an NFT is, but our money’s on Kanye West as a possible suspect. Apparently, the two have been lunching together on the Upper East Side.

(Via Page Six)