Michael Cohen Claims Trump Won’t Run In 2024, And That The ‘Big Lie’ Is Part Of ‘The Greatest Grift In US History’

Donald Trump hasn’t formally announced he’s running again in 2024, having failed to get re-elected over a year ago. But ever since his term ended in disgrace, he has been strongly suggesting it. He even recently claimed he’d clinch the Republican nomination once more should he deign to try again. There is one person, though, he’s calling BS on that: former Trump lawyer and ex-VP for the Trump Organization Michael Flynn, who knows him so well he helped him pay off a porn star with whom he cheated on the future First Lady.

Cohen, who recently ended a nearly three-year sentence for crimes related to the former president, went on Meet the Press, where he proceeded to rain on Trump’s re-re-election parade. He claimed that his talk of a 2024 run is simply a carrot dangled in front of his supporters, “to keep the grift growing and to keep the grift going.”

The disbarred attorney said Trump’s current presidential aspirations “should become a documentary, and it should be called the greatest grift in US history. He added, “Donald Trump has made it very clear, right, that he is grifting off of the American people, these supporters, these individuals that are just sending money to him at record levels.”

Cohen claimed Trump’s continued claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election is just part of his con. “One of the things Donald Trump has done is grift off of the ‘Big Lie’ that the election was stolen from him in 2020,” he said. “It was not stolen from him.”

Even if Trump does run for a third time, Cohen said, he’s confident Americans will tell him where to go. “If he loses, which he will in 2024, what happens to the ‘Big Lie?’ The big lie disappears,” he said. “He can’t now be like the boy who cried wolf. ‘Oh, they stole it from me in 2020 — they now stole it from me in 2024.’ Right? Now, that goes out the door and there goes his money.”

He added, “He’s going to run it like he did in 2011, right to the very, very last second.”

Trump, of course, has been begging his cash-strapped supporters for money since he left office, under the auspices that it would be used to battle election fraud. Instead, the financially plagued rich guy has used it on himself.

Since turning on Trump shortly before his incarceration, Cohen has not held back about his longtime client, whom he knows better than most. He’s desperately tried to warn allies and supporters that Trump will turn on them if he has to, as he did to him. Of course, that’s been to no avail. In other news, he’s claimed Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric should all be expecting indictments very soon.

(Via Insider)