Trump Appears To Be Having A Full-Blown Meltdown Over Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

If you missed Michelle Obama’s speech last night at the (virtual) Democratic National Convention (DNC), you missed a doozy. In the words of conservative media icon Matt Drudge’s site, Drudge Report, Michelle’s effort was one that “roasts and gags” Trump. Fox News host Chris Wallace noted that the former First Lady “frayed, sliced, and diced” the president. And, as evidenced by Trump’s “unhinged Twitter meltdown” this morning, it’s blatantly apparent that Michelle “drew blood,” in the words of the Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent.

Writes Sargent:

The strength of her scorching indictment of Trump — delivered on Monday night — resides in the fact that everyone, or at least a majority, knows it is true. As Trump’s meltdown shows, his only available response is to swap in an entirely invented tale, one hermetically sealed off from reality in just about every conceivable way.

Her case, boiled down, is that Trump inherited a country that, for all its deep problems and lingering inequalities, was on the mend following another previous crisis. Trump proceeded to utterly wreck the place through his incompetence, malevolence, corruption and depraved conviction that stoking as much civil conflict and racial incitement as possible helps him.

Trump’s tweets started bright and early this morning:

And they picked up again closer to lunchtime on the East Coast:

Tonight, former president Bill Clinton and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are slated to speak, so brace yourself for more Trump tweets incoming late tonight and early tomorrow morning.