Trump’s Prediction Of A ‘RED WAVE’ On Election Day Has Sparked Comparisons To Bloody Stephen King Horror Stories

2020 can be compared to a horror show in many ways, which has not been lost upon horror maestro Stephen King, who began the year by imploring people to please stop comparing coronavirus to The Stand. King has been riding this terrible reality out with everyone else, and now, visuals from cinematic adaptations of his other well-known works are on people’s minds. This is happening, of course, because President Trump tweeted something silly that’s reminding people of something dead serious.

“Polls numbers are looking very strong,” Trump wrote on Friday morning. “Big crowds, great enthusiasm. Massive RED WAVE coming!!!”

This seems to be his favorite term of the past 24 hours. Despite polls that show Joe Biden leading in every swing state, Trump bragged to followers in Greenville, North Carolina that this “red wave” was coming.

Trump doesn’t seem to realize that “red wave” brings a much different set of visuals to mind than its blue counterpart. As one Twitter user pointed out, “A ‘blue wave’ is a powerful and appealing metaphor. A ‘red wave’ suggests a horror movie.”

This has led to a lot of people thinking about King’s The Shining and, more specifically, the iconic, Stanley Kubrick-directed Elevator Of Blood scene that takes place in the Overlook Hotel. Very clearly, this symbolizes death, which (to say the least) is sobering, considering how many Americans have and will die during our current situation.

Trump not even realizing what visuals a “red wave” evokes speaks to his cavalier attitude about the virus, and people definitely noticed.

Of course, there’s also some Carrie references popping up as well. This Twitter user cant help but think about how “we ALL know what happened after she got angry.” She also pointed out, “[P]eople are voting in record numbers already, American’s are pissed!”

November 3 isn’t too far away, so please do get out and vote.