Trump Melts Down Like A Giant Baby While Reading A Holiday Story In An Eerie (But Funny) Deepfake Video From The ‘South Park’ Guys

Deepfakes are a highly controversial use of video technology that threaten the very fabric of democracy due to their ability to generate videos of anybody literally saying anything. In this volatile age of misinformation that already spreads like wildfire, it’s easy to see how deepfakes could be deployed as a weapon of mass destruction. But you can also use them to make hilarious videos of Donald Trump reading a holiday classic while melting down like a child, which is exactly what South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone did.

In the latest episode of Parker and Stone’s new YouTube series, Sassy Justice, “Trump” reads an election-themed version of the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that naturally stars a blonde toupee wearing Rudolph who’s unfairly targeted by a mean old election even though he’s obviously the best reindeer. Everybody knows it. Just like the election, the story grows more and more unhinged as it unfolds with the deepfaked Trump (played by ) nearly in tears by the end, which takes a very dramatic turn after Rudolph’s entire life is destroyed by a “sleepy-eyed” reindeer. Wonder who that could be?

The “Rudolph” video is the 12th episode for the Sassy Justice webseries from Parker and Stone that kicked off back in November and centers around a whole lot of surreal Trump deepfakes by Serafinowicz. More importantly, the series clearly has that South Park flavor, which should tide fans over until the new season arrives.

(Via Sassy Justice)