Trump Raged At His Impeachment Team Over Embarrassing Typos, According To A New Book: ‘They Can’t Hit Spell-Check?’

Despite being the sender of numerous typo-filled and oddly capitalized tweets, Donald Trump reportedly flipped out on the legal team for his second impeachment trial, according to a new book. In an excerpt from Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency by journalist Michael Wolff, the former president blasted his lawyers for their 14-page legal brief that managed to misspell “United States” twice. Via Business Insider:

“What is f—ing wrong with these people? They can’t hit spell-check?” Trump vented to his aides over the phone, Wolff reported.

“Are these lawyers the stupidest?” Trump continued. “Are they the stupidest?”

According to the book, the head of Trump’s legal team, Bruce Castor, actually tried to claim that he did use spell-check on the hastily filed brief, but “doesn’t pick up italicized words.” Trump wasn’t hearing it. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Trump reportedly said in a rage. “Fix it! Get it back! Fix it! NOW!” (If Castor’s name sounds familiar, he’s the former Pennsylvania district attorney whose supposed “deal” with Bill Cosby lead to the comedian’s surprise release from prison at the end of June.)

In a sign of the hectic scramble following Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, the misspelled impeachment brief was actually the second time he had to chew out a legal team for having glaring typos in important court documents.

Axios reported back in February that Trump was embarrassed by a brief filed by Sidney Powell, which glaringly wrote “THE UNITED STATES DISTRICCT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRCOICT OF GEORGIA” at the top of a document. Considering Trump notoriously hates reading, you know it’s a bad typo when even he catches it.

(Via Business Insider)