Trump’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Has Been Vandalized Yet Again And By The Same Man

Election Day 2020 is only a few days away, and though many people have made their feelings about incumbent candidate Donald J. Trump loud and clear, there’s one person who’s gone above and beyond: The guy who keeps destroying the president’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to Deadline, Trump’s star has been once again destroyed by a pickaxe by one James Otis, who has done the deed multiple times since 2017. His most recent attack came early Friday morning. The star had even been surrounded by plywood and a fence, to protect it from Otis and people like him, who may have wanted to make their thoughts on the president known ahead of the election. But that didn’t stop Otis, who did the deed once more and then turned himself in.

The last time Otis came for Trump’s Hollywood star was less than a month ago, on October 4. That time was a little different from his past Trump star smashes: He came dressed as the Incredible Hulk, wielding, once again, a pickaxe. That time he was charged with a felony for his vandalism. Presumably he’ll receive similar punishment. But it looks like charging him with serious crimes can’t stop him from making his feelings about the sitting president known.

Trump earned his star not for appearing in movies such as Zoolander, Two Weeks Notice, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and the Bo Derek rom-com Ghosts Can’t Do It, but for producing the Miss Universe contest, where he used to veto certain winners if he considered them “too ethic.”

(Via Deadline)