Mushy-Brained Trump Made Another Typo For The Ages, Complaining About Letitia James’ ‘Ludacris Demands’

Donald Trump’s awfully busy these days. Not only is he crushing the GOP primary polls, but he’s running for president while juggling four separate criminal cases. No doubt throwing rallies and threatening to speak in court are taxing on anyone, but his brain seems to be checking out. Mere days after showing he knows less about magnets than Insane Clown Posse, the former president made one of his best/worst typos yet.

Per Raw Story, on Tuesday Trump dropped one his awkward, whiny videos on his rinky-dink Twitter clone. Alas, whatever he said was upstaged by a glaring error in the post, which read, “Even my Political Opponents Have Spoken Against the Ludacris Demands of NYS AG Tish James.”

Perhaps the failed blogger just a big fan of the rapper and Fast and Furious actor. Or maybe he really doesn’t know how to spell “ludicrous.” It’s not even a difficult word to spell — not like “milquetoast,” which, while attacking one of his former closest cronies, memorably spelled “milktoast.”

The right has been going after Joe Biden’s alleged senility for ages now, but the current president can still deliver a fiery speech. His likely 2024 opponent, however, can’t even get his successor right, nor does he seem to know there’s already been a World War II. The bar should be sky high for who American elect to highest office, but there should at least be a low bar, namely being able to spell words used iconically in Spaceballs.

In any case, surely Trump’s legal team is even more worried than they already were about the prospect of him speaking in court.

(Via Raw Story)