Try To Guess Which State The 'Dirtiest Town In America' Is In

03.10.14 5 years ago 7 Comments

Hampton, Florida, is if Florida Man was an actual location. CNN calls it “the dirtiest little town in America,” one so overrun by misdeeds and corruption that auditors could basically take a permanent vacation there, and never run out of new things to do. Here’s a partial list of Hampton’s many problems:

-“An officer for every 25 people in town.”

-“The city clerk was overpaid by some $9,000, and employees ran up $27,000 on the city’s credit card and charged another $132,000 on an account at the convenience store at the BP station next door to City Hall.”

-“The last mayor, Barry Layne Moore [pictured above], was in office for just a few weeks when he was locked up and accused of being a drug dealer.”

-“Hampton set up its speed trap, just like its neighbors, Waldo and Lawtey. Since Hampton has no schools, homes or businesses along 301, traffic safety really wasn’t the issue. The focus always was on revenue.”

-“Nearly half the water the city pumps from the Suwanee River simply vanishes.”

Also, it’s in Florida.


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