No One Can Figure Out Which Woman In This Picture’s The Mother–Can You?

Life & Culture Editor
02.05.16 8 Comments

Meet Kaylan Mahomes, her twin, and their mom. They just wanted to take a picture together and post it to Twitter (as you do), but have suddenly found themselves going viral. But while most pictures go viral because they’re somehow embarrassing (check out this dude asleep at work), Mahomes’ picture is turning the internet into a firestorm of controversy more heated than the one “the dress” ignited, because no one can tell which women are the daughters and which woman’s the mom.

While no one can fully agree which woman gave birth to the other two–commenters on The Root can’t decide between the one in the middle or the one on the left–Mahomes posted something that just might help you if you find that your brain’s gone to mush looking at two generations of people who look so identical, you almost want to search their house to make sure they’re not vampires. It’s a short video of the three women, except Mahomes’ mom thinks she’s taking a picture instead of being recorded.

To be honest, we still can’t tell. Can you?

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