Twitter Banned #Resistance Tweeters The Krassenstein Brothers For Allegedly Running Fake Accounts

05.23.19 1 month ago

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The so-called #Resistance, the online opposition to Donald Trump, lost two of its most prominent tweeters on Thursday night.

Brian and Ed Krassenstein, prominent Trump critics since his election in 2016, had more than 1 million combined followers on Twitter. The duo worked hard to cultivate a following built almost entirely around opposition to the President of the United States. They blamed Russia for just about everything and called for Trump’s impeachment, sometimes multiple times a day.

Their opposition to Trump essentially made them Trump reply guys, constantly debating him (with no Trump responses, mind you) in the replies to his tweets and writing updates about Trump-related stories at every turn. If by now you still have no idea who the Krassensteins are, here is a good primer.

But on Thursday, they disappeared from Twitter, and apparently it wasn’t by their own volition.

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