People Are Somehow Looking At This Woman’s Image And Seeing Two Legs Instead Of One

When you look at the picture above, what do you see? Most would probably say they see a striped pant leg and nothing more, but if you zoom past like most people do on their phones, you could think you’ve seen something out of a Cronenberg film. There is a slew of people who looked at this photo and felt that they saw two skinny legs jutting down, almost at a cartoon thickness.

Common sense would tell you that this is impossible because anybody with legs that thin would be relegated to a wheelchair or worse. But no, it would seem that plenty of folks took the bait and ran with it, claiming that this was 2018’s dress moment and that our eyes were playing tricks on us.

The double-edge of this sort of moment is how the person involved becomes “viral famous” for a bit and has to react. Some folks will go wild and parlay it into appearances on television or news shows, like the Chewbacca Mom. Others can sometimes take their viral fame and turn into a full-fledged rap career like the Cash Me Ousside gal. Our striped pant friend has noticed the attention she is getting and has tried to promote her Instagram and some music in the thread of her original post, but most of it has just been this amusing set of reactions.

We can’t choose what goes viral these days, but we probably can at least be a little more picky about what blows our minds. What do you think?

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