Two Dudes From Long Island Recorded Definitive Proof Of A Ghost In A Pizza Hut Bathroom

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10.22.13 13 Comments

long island pizza hut

Open your eyes, sheeple. G-g-g-ghosts are all around you. They’re g-g-g-ghost-breathing on your neck. They’re g-g-g-ghost-hovering above you while you sleep. They’re g-g-g-ghost-eating leftover Chinese food when you’re out for a run burning off last night’s Chinese food. They’re g-g-g-ghost-haunting your favorite Pizza Hut bathroom that used to be a Jack in the Box bathroom. Oh, the horrors that place has seen.

Leave it up to Long Island’s own Fanboy Kev and Pauly to DEFINITELY capture proof of a suicidal g-g-g-ghost.

Did you see it?

bathroom ghost

I’ve got chills, and they’re multiplying. No, wait, that’s just a side effect from eating Pizza Hut. Nvm.

(Via Gothamist)

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