Two Dumbasses Sprayed Deer Urine All Over An Oklahoma Walmart

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09.08.14 5 Comments

Two dudes were arrested for spraying doe urine all over a Owasso, Oklahoma Walmart this weekend, because Oklahoma sounds like it must be a really exciting place. The perpetrators, 18-year-old Cody Hudson and 24-year-old Jon Ohlman, caused approximately $2,500 in damage Saturday afternoon by spraying deer pee all over toys, fabrics and shoes at the Walmart before being apprehended in a shopping center parking lot across the street. The motivation behind the pee attack is unclear, but if it was just your garden variety “dudes being dudes” tomfoolery, then eighteen and twenty-four seems way too damn old to be doing that sh*t. I feel like the cutoff for spraying deer pee around a Walmart should be sixteen, max.

Also, according to Amazon, deer pee is actually pretty expensive, so in addition to the stunt being reckless and immature, it was also a complete waste of good urine. Kids these days.

(Fox23 via Gawker)

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