Two More Comic-Con Posters Strike For ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

Right on the heels of the posters for Cap and Black Widow fighting Ultrons, and Tony Stark and Scarlet Witch rumbling with robots as well, two new posters have dropped showing Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and a glimpse of The Vision.

First up, Jeremy Renner, Robot Fighter:

You’d think somebody would give Hawkeye an EMP arrow or body armor or something. Speaking of which, here’s a slightly more powerful team up:

Sharp-eyed fans will have already noticed these posters will likely fit together into one images. You can see Quicksilver’s race through the robots in the background of the Black Widow poster, for example. And Thor’s cape is in the right side of the Quicksilver/Vision poster, while Hulk’s pants are visible at the top of Hawkeye’s poster. Still missing, though, are the full posters of the Hulk and Thor, and we’ll be curious to see what they have on offer. Expect those to arrive over the next few days of Comic-Con.