Sweet Home Ugly Alabama: 8 Things We Learned About America From This Revealing State-By-State Poll

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If you’re reading this in Alabama, I’m sorry. Also, sleep easy knowing that all 49 of America’s other states got together earlier today and decided that you’re ugly, like UG-LY, like instead of using the word “ugly,” we’re going to use “Alabama” instead. SWEET DREAMS. That hideous (and hilarious ) finding comes courtesy of a poll put together by Business Insider and Survey Monkey, which “asked respondents — 1603 of them — to answer each question with a state that wasn’t their own.” Alabama, feel free to sob your way through this with Mississippi.

1. California is the anti-Alabama, and not just because of all the Jews.

2. I’m sure our Cajun Boy is going to have something to say about New York > Louisiana.

3. I dunno, caribou burgers are OK.

4. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t kick Texas out soon enough.


6. Go home, Louisiana, you’re mcxjczjxckjmdkcmkzmmamk23232kmd.

7. F*ck yeah, we are.

8. Poor Mississippi.


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