The Mega-Ultimate Nic Cage Face Swap Collection

In 2,000 years, when FUTURE scientists study that all-too-brief fad known as the Internet, they’ll discover Earth in the late-20th century and early-21st century was interested in three things: cats, porn, and Nicolas Cage. By the year 4,012, cats will have become extinct and porn obsolete, due to Apple releasing its line of jStroke pleasure-bots in 3,854 (using an “i” is so 2000 and late), but they’ll look at our millions of Nic Cage photos and say, “We get it. It’s funny because the movie’s called Face/Off and his face…comes off.”

So, really, every time we post about Nic Cage — whether it be about the woman who “accidentally” emailed his face, or “Nickelcage” — we feel we’re just doing our part for future generations to understand what culture was like in 2012. Consider this their Wikipedia then: an Imgur fanatic named “rmgimenez” put together a grand collection of the Internet’s best Nic Cage face swaps, many from Nic Cage as Everyone, which compliments nicely to our previous Nic Cage in Everything post. Some of these images you may have seen before, but if Cage as Yoko Ono and John Lennon is ever not funny, well, then I just might lose my sh*t.

(Via HyperVocal)