How To Cage Someone At Work: One Redditor's Ultimate Guide To Nic Cage Office Pranking

Last night Redditor the_riles burned the midnight oil at the office, not doing actual work, but instead doing something far more important:

“A coworker was away for a week and we have a tradition of pranking each other. This time, I decided to hide a bunch of Nic Cage photos all over his desk. Complete with poorly photoshopped Christmas photo with him and Cage.”

Nic Cage prankery is of course a widespread and glorious tradition across this great nation of ours. Any new day on the internet offers your choice of fresh and assorted Cage-related shenanigans, but I must say the next level effort here colored me all sorts of impressed. The Kleenex box, the individual Starbursts, the rearranged keyboard: Truly the work of a Cage obsessed sociopath with internet fame in his sites. AKA the “How To Cage Someone at Work” online tutorial.

Here’s a quick walk through, complete with a peephole suggestion from a fellow Cage-pranking Redditor. The whole thing is a bee helmet away from being perfection.

Source: Reddit

Note the individual numbers.

Note the “just right” reflection

Note the scissor work.

Note the individual Starbursts.

Note the “just right” eye placement.

Note the size and directional variety.

Most impressive of all, a final nuanced “Cage-ing” that won’t be noticed until after the fireworks.

And now, a peephole demonstration