Ultra-Ever Dry Spray Might Be Black Magic, But We're Coating A Sled With It Anyway

Ultra-Ever Dry is a spray coating with some sort of proprietary nanomaterial which makes it both ridiculously superhydrophobic and surprisingly oleophobic. It has the rare distinction of repelling both water and oil absurdly well, if the video below is to be believed (skip the first two minutes if ya nasty).

The Ultra-Ever Dry nanomaterial likely works via the Lotus effect, where it’s so rough on a microscopic level that it’s easier for the surface tension of water droplets to hold the droplet form than for the water to wet the surface. As seen in the video, liquids seem to roll right off this coating. Supposedly, it also prevents icing. If it weren’t toxic, I would spray that all over my car windows every winter. And all over my body. And your body (if ya nasty).

Unfortunately, it’s expensive. NPR (via BoingBoing) reports the base coat is $57.95 per quart and the top coat is $100.95 per quart. It’s also likely toxic. The top coat contains nanoparticle silica, which should never be inhaled or ingested. I guess we’ll just have to keep bathing for now.

This is going to revolutionize sledding…