Unauthorized Disney Characters Perform For A Murderous Tyrant — Just Another Day In North Korea

In case you hadn’t heard, North Korea — a country that doesn’t allow freedom of speech, but does have multiple political prison camps — is a weird place, to put it lightly. But over the weekend, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, who took over for his father Kim Jong-il last year, attempted to prove he’s more cuddly and Western-loving than his dead dad by having a bunch of people dress up as Disney characters and frolic around on stage for awhile.

According to the Associated Press:

Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh took the stage in North Korea during a concert for new leader Kim Jong Un, in an unusual – and unauthorized – performance featuring Disney characters.

Performers dressed as Minnie Mouse, Tigger and others danced and pranced as footage from Snow White, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney movies played on a massive backdrop, according to still photos shown on state TV. (Via)

Oh, wow, they love “Gaston.” I love “Gaston”! I think it’s time we look past their awful, terrible, despicable treatment of women, the mentally handicapped, Christians, Jews, homosexuals, pretty much everyone who isn’t a member of the Kim family, and think about all that we have in common with North Korean tyrants. Like the fact that we’re fascinated by cheap-looking knockoffs of famous characters.