Understand The True Meaning Of Loss When This Raccoon Loses His Sweet Treat

As athletes and entertainers have known for ages, it’s no easy feat keeping your momentum going into the New Year. This is also true in the animal bandit community. In just one week’s time, raccoons have gone from donut heist glory to public heartbreak in quick succession.

Have you hit play on the Vine at the top of the page? Of course you have. There’s an adorable raccoon in it, for goodness sake. In addition to seeing this noble bandit, you’re also presented with a super sad scenario. Our raccoon bud would like to enjoy the treat he’s acquired. The scene shifts from anticipation to anguish in seconds when that treat (cotton candy from the looks of things) dissolves into the water with so much cruelty. There’s nothing but scrambling to be done as this delicacy disappears in almost instantaneous fashion.

Thanks to the loopy miracle of Vine, you can watch this poor raccoon’s soul get shattered over and over again. It’s a brand of despair not known in the world of raccoons since the days of Cyril Sneer. It’s also a clip that seems to have some healthy replay value. This candy snuff film has comfortably cracked over 11 million loops with 4,000+ likes to go alongside it. We’ve checked it out for about 100-200 loops or so and are getting very worried. SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS RACCOON A PROPER NON-DISSOLVING FOOD!

(Via Buzzfeed)