Underwear-Loving Dog Ate So Many Thongs That He Had To Undergo Emergency Surgery

If you thought your dog eating your homework was bad, wait until you hear this story: A four-year-old Samoyed in the UK loves to snack on women’s underwear so much that it landed him on the operating table.

Brian, a four-year-old Samoyed, owned by Kaye Banks, showed he had a wide ranging taste for female underwear when he swallowed silk and lace panties, choosing black and bright pink as his preferred options.

He first raided an overnight bag belonging to Kaye’s daughter, Charlotte.

Then the next day he struck again – taking the opportunity to pinch Kaye’s thong from the bathroom floor whilst she was taking a shower.

His exploits resulted in an emergency operation at the vets.

Although one thong had already passed through him, the other one had to be removed from his stomach in a two hour operation.

Of course, Brian didn’t stop there. When a dog wants a thong for dinner, he’ll darn well have a thong for dinner!

Freshly stitched and feeling perky after four days at Abbey Vets in Barnsley, Brian returned home only to steal yet another thong just days later – a pair of Charlotte’s that were in the laundry basket. Kaye rushed him straight back to the vets and because this time the thong had not travelled beyond his throat they were able to give him medication to make him vomit and bring up the thong.

Kaye, who lives in Brampton Bierlow, near Rotherham, said: “We just couldn’t believe that after an operation and four days at the vets he comes home and does it again.

We think Brian would get along well with the Great Dane that ate 43 socks.

Doncaster Free Press via Death & Taxes