A Record-Setting Number Of Coronavirus Vaccines Were Administered In The United States On Saturday

As the United States passes a rather inglorious milestone of one year of COVID-19 health restrictions and lockdown measures, some good news did come on the possibility of ending the pandemic in the months ahead. While new cases are still occurring and people continue to die from coronavirus, in many places the case counts are dwarfed by increasing numbers of reported vaccinations.

The US now has three different proven, safe COVID-19 vaccines: one from Moderna, another two-shot treatment from Pfizer and a third one-shot treatment from Johnson + Johnson. In recent weeks, as supplies of those three are distributed across the country, the number of vaccinations has increased dramatically and sparked considerable hope that the pandemic’s impact on life in America is reduced and soon eliminated altogether.

Saturday brought even more good news: nationwide reporting of vaccinations set a new record, with more than 4 million shots reported in a single day.

The numbers are staggering but as some pointed out, some of those reported numbers came from earlier in the week as reporting in some cases has lagged.

But as more people are vaccinated, those given the jab continue to be safe and practice good masking and social distancing, and eligibility restrictions loosen as more doses become available, the country is slowly moving toward the herd immunity necessary to finally loosen the deadly disease’s grasp on American citizens.