This Ballsy Fugitive Sent A Selfie To Police For The Most Vain Reason Ever

In recent years, social media has become a valuable tool for helping police officers and detectives in solving crimes and apprehending criminals. That’s because information can be shared and passed along in a way like never before. In some cases, those sought by justice will even inadvertently incriminate themselves.

For example, Police in Lima, Ohio are currently searching for 45-year-old Donald “Chip” Pugh on a warrant for failure to appear. In addition, Pugh is “a person of interest in other cases including an arson and vandalism.” Last week, the Lima Police Department posted Pugh’s mugshot and another known photo of the fugitive to their Facebook page in an effort to locate him.

What they probably weren’t expecting was for Pugh himself to contribute his own feedback to the search. How? In the form of a selfie he deemed more flattering than his mugshot:

Lima Police later followed up in their original post, writing: “Mr. Pugh, it’s in your best interest to just come in to speak to officers. Posting on Facebook is not helpful in this situation.” Well, it may not be helpful, but it certainly is entertaining. For now, anyway, until Pugh is inevitably caught, because something tells us he’s not the shiniest apple in the bin.

(Via NBC News)