Jean Claude Van Damme Attempts To Top His Volvo Split By Taking It Into Zero Gravity

We’ve all seen the original amazing Volvo ad, followed by the numerous copycats and pretenders to the throne. Now Jean Claude Van Damme returns to top his original epic split video by leaving terra firma for the freedom of space. Kind of.

This neat little video found via Reddit is the creation of filmmaker Linh Mai and Last Cause Films and it imagines Van Damme, in a full space suit, defying the laws of physics to replicate his Volvo spit above the Earth. It’s good enough that I almost thought it was a real sequel to begin with, although the connection to Volvo would be minimal at best.

I pose this question to you though. If Van Damme is in space, why didn’t he attempt to save George Clooney and Sandra Bullock during the events of Gravity? Or perhaps this epic split is the cause of the catastrophe from the movie?

Is Jean Claude Van Damme the greatest villain in history? Doom us all to our terrestrial prison via space junk and attempting to take the lives of our best looking celebrities.

(Via Linh Mai / Last Cause Films)